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Stenochlaena palustris Bedd. (Pteridaceae)
Vernacular name: prong suan, phak kuut daeng, lam theng
Common name: -

  Epiphytic fern, rhizome long-creeping, often climbing high up the tree. Stipe up to 15 cm long. Frond 40-70 cm long, bearing up to 15 pairs of pinnae. Sterile pinnae ovate-lanceolate, irregularly serrate, shiny on the upper surface, with a network of narrow parallel veins on the lower surface, about 15 cm long, 3 cm wide, but variable in size, short stalked. Fertile pinnae c. 2 cm long, 3 mm wide, with sporangia on the whole of the lower surface.
  Common in shady, in both wet and dry places at low altitude in the north-east, southeast and south of Thailand.
  The young shoots and fronds are cooked and served with nam phrik or put into sweet and sour curry or mixed vegetable soup.
  No cultivation of this plant has been recorded so far, however it can be multiply by division of rhizome and young sapling from mother clump.


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