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Gelidiales, Gelidiellaceae

Gelidiella acerosa (Forsskål) Feldmann & Hamel

Gelidiella acerosa (Forsskål) Feldmann & Hamel photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Samui Island, Surat Thani.
: 2.5 m
The plants are prostrate, cartilaginous and elastic. The main axes of the branches are slightly compressed, alternately divergent, and curve downwards to the substrates in the shape of a round arch. The branchlets are short, terete, acuminate, pinnately arranged, and upward-curving in the opposite direction to that of the substrates. The plants are green, yellowish brown to dark red, and grow on rocks or dead coral in middle to lower intertidal zones along shorelines with moderate to strong wave activity.

Gelidiella acerosa (Forsskål) Feldmann & Hamel photo2
Fresh specimen.