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Fucales, Sargassaceae

Hormophysa cuneiformis (Gmelin) Silva

Hormophysa cuneiformis (Gmelin) Silva photoIn natural habitat.
Photo Data
: Samui Island, Surat Thani.
: 1.5 m
The plants have a filamentous holdfast and triquetrous main branches. The vesicles are oblong to elliptical. The wing-like leaves with serrations on the margin run from the main branches. The color changes to a dark brown when dried. The plant grows on rocks in lower intertidal zones along shorelines with frequent gentle currents.

Hormophysa cuneiformis (Gmelin) Silva photo2
Close-up view of wing-like leaf.
Hormophysa cuneiformis (Gmelin) Silva photo3
Close-up view of vesicle.