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Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench (Malvaceae)
Vernacular name: krachieb khieo, krachieb mon
Common name: okra (English), okura (Japanese)

  Robust, erect, annual herb, up to 2.5 m tall. Leaves simple, spirally arranged, lamina 20 -50 cm in diameter, 3-7-lobed; petiole up to 50 cm long, stipules fillform, c. 15 mm long, often split to the base. Inflorescence solitary flower in the leaf axils or in pseudoracemes by reduction of the upper leaves. Flower 5-merous, yellow, bisexual; pedicel c. 2 cm long in flower. Epicalyx 7-15, free, linear, 5-25 by 1-3 mm. Calyx spathaceous, 2-6 cm long, adnate to and falling with the corolla. Corolla free, obovate, yellow with a dark purple throat. Fruit a cylindrical to pyramidal capsule, 5-20 cm long, 1-3 cm in diameter, fruit stalk up to 7 cm long, greenish purple or completely purple when young, seed globose, 3-6 mm in diameter, black.
  Various local landraces have been cultivated by the villagers. The plants thrive on well-drained soil, opened shade.
  Young fruits are eaten raw or cooked by steaming, boiling or blanching and served with chilies sauces. In rare case young fruits are added to sweet and sour curry.
  This plant can be raised by direct seeding at 25 x 50 cm spacing by mid or late rainy season. The fruits can be harvested within 2 months depend on cultivars.


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