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Acacia concinna DC. (Leguminosae)
Vernacular name: sompoi
Common name: nemukazura (Japanese)

  Scandent, prickle abundant, minute, hooked. Branchlets and leaf-rachises finely grey-hairy. Leaf alternate, 2-pinnate, pinnae 12-16, leaflets, 5-7 cm long; leaflets 8-12 mm broad, oblique base, sensitive. Petiole with a large gland near the base and one between the uppermost pinnae. Inflorescence terminal panicles or in the upper leaf axils, branches densely hairy, the upper subtended by conspicuous oblique membranous subpersistent bract; flower heads yellow, 8-12 mm broad. Calyx funnel-shaped, minute. Corolla more or less exserted. Fruit a dry pod, strap-shaped, straight, 7-10 by 8 cm, 6-10-seeded, with broad sutures, narrowed to a short stalk, constrict between the seeds.
  Common straggling shrub in dried, waste places, marginal land, and low organic soil. The plant prefers full sun.
  Young shoots are collected during rainy season and are eaten raw or added to hot and spicy curry to enhance sour taste to curry.
  This plant is occasionally cultivated in backyard garden. Propagation can be done by seed sowing and transplanting the seedlings or by hardwood cutting.


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