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Artemisia lactiflora Wall ex. Bess. (Compositae)
Vernacular name: kaeo mueang cheen, dok kaeo mueang cheen.
Common name: sagebrush (English), yomogina (Japanese)

  Erect perennial herb, 1-2 m high. Stems tufted, grooved, more or less tomentose. Leaves simple, alternate, puberulus or glabrescent on the upper surface, tomentose on the lower surface, 10-12 cm long; lateral segments pinnatifid, lobes 3-5 cm long. Inflorescence paniculate, loose; head ovoid, 4 mm long, 3 mm wide, flowers inconspicuous, white. Achene oblong, less than 1 mm long, brown.
  This exotic vegetable is occasionally grown in backyard garden under shade on moist soil.
  The leaves are added in soup with pork and eat with plain rice. They are also fried until crispy and sprinkle on the “fried five nuts with chicken” dish.
  It is easily grown from stem cutting.


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