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Bauhinia purpurea Linn. (Leguminosae)
Vernacular name: phak-siew
Common name: bauhinia (English), murasaki mokuwan-ju (Japanese)

  A medium-sized, erect tree, with moderately stout glabrescent branchlets. Leaves alternate, simple, 2-lobed, subcoriaceous, glabrous, shallowly cordate, the lobes obtuse or subacute , reaching half-way down. Flowers in terminal and axillary short-peduncled few-flowered corymbs ; bracts minute, deltoid; lower pedicels 6-12 mm. Calyx tubular, tube 6-12 mm.; limb 7-25mm, coriaceous, split into two valves , which show a division into 5 teeth . Petals oblanceolate, with a long claw , reddish , twice the calyx . Fertile stamens 3-4. Ovary grey hairy, with a long stalk, and moderately large oblique stigma . Fruit a pod, 15-30 cm. by 18-25 mm, firm, flat, glabrous, late in dehiscing, rather decurved, 12-15 seeded.
  Common tree along road sides, grown as ornamental and shaded tree.
  Young shoots and leaves are added in curry dishes; the taste is somewhat sour.
  Bauhinia plant can be grown from seeds or air layering.


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