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Cucumis sativus L. (Cucurbitaceae)
Vernacular name: tangkwaa
Common name: cucumber (Engliash), kyuri (Japanese)

  Monoecious, annual, creeping or climbing herb, up to 5 m long, with stiff bristly hairs. Stem 4-5 angled, sparingly branched, robust; tendrils simple, leaf-opposed, up to 30 cm long. Leaves alternate, simple, triangular-ovate, 3-7-lobed, margin dentate, 7-15 by 7-12 cm; petiole 5-15 cm long. Flowers yellow, in leaf axil, unisexual, occasionally hermaphrodite, 2.5-3.5 cm in diameter. Male flowers predominating, borne in clusters of 3-7; stamens 3, free. Female flower solitary, on short thick pedicel, ovary inferior; calyx campanulate, 5-lobed, densely hairy; corolla widely campanulate, deeply 5-lobed, hairy, wrinkled. Fruit a pepo, hanging, fruitstalk 2-5 cm, shape, size and colour variable, from nearly globose to cylindrical, with scattered spinous tubercles and warts when young; flesh pale green, many-seeded. Seed flat, ovate-oblong, white, smooth.
  The selected, improved cultivar is commonly grown for its fruits. However many local landraces are grown in various region by the local ethnics. Some landrace has acidic fruits and are used instead of lemon. The fruits of local landraces are available toward the end of rainy season.
  The seeds of local landraces are broadcasted together with the upland rice at the beginning of rainy season.


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