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Diplazium esculentum (Retz.) Sw. (Athyriaceae)
Vernacular name: phak kuut khaao
Common name: paco (English), kuware sida (Japanese)

  Perennial fern, up to 2 m tall; rhizome erect, up to 80 cm high above ground brownish scaly upwards. Stipe about 70 cm long. Frond clustered at apex of rhizome, bipinnate, variable in size up to 1 m long; pinnae ovate, apruptly narrowing towards the top, the larger ones up to 40 cm long, 25 cm wide, base truncate, apex acute; pinnules oblong, linear-lanceolate acuminate, subcordate or auriculate at base, lobate, up to 13 cm long, 2-4 cm wide, shortly stalked. Sori along the whole length of the veinlets with narrow indusium along one side.
  Common fern found in moist places by ricefields or along creek, upto 1,500 m above sea level.
  Young fronds are blanched or steamed and eaten with nam phrik or fried with oyster sauce. Per 100 g fresh leaf of D. esculentum contains: water 90 g, protein 3.1 g, fibre 1.2 g, ash 1.3 g, P 115 mg, Ca 22 mg, and Fe 1.2 mg. A decoction of D. esculentum is used by women as a tonic after childbirth and is said to be good to cure expectoration of blood and ordinary coughs. The pulverize rhizome, soaked in water, is taken against diarrhea and dysentery.
  It propagates easily by spores. Vegetative propagation is possible by runners and rhizome parts with buds.


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