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Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb. (Cucurbitaceae)
Vernacular name: buap liam
Common name: angled loofah (English), tokado hechima (Japanese)

  Annual climber, 3-6 m long or more. Stem slender, angular. Leaves palmate-lobate, cordate at the base, 15-25 cm in diameter; lobes 5, triangular or lanceolate, sinuate-denticulate; petiole 10-12 cm long; tendrils often trifid. Flowers monoecious, the male flowers in clusters, the females solitary, 10-15 cm long, with 5 cuneiform-oblong petals, yellow. Fruit fusiform, cylindrical or trigonal, 15-30 cm long, 6-10 cm wide; seeds flat, winged, 1.2 cm long, 8-10 mm wide, brown.
  Commonly grow in backyard garden or as hedge plants. it is grown by direct seeding.
  Young shoots are blanched and served with nam phrik or included in kaeng liang or kaeng som, the sweet-tasting young fruit appears in a large number of dishes; it can be boiled and eaten with hot sauce, put into soups or fried with pork or shrimp. Per100 g edible portion: water 93 g, protein 0.6-1.2 g, fat 0.2 g, carbohydrates 4-4.9 g, Ca 16-20 mg, Fe 0.4-0.6 mg, P 24-32 mg, vitamin A 45-410 IU, vitamin B1 0.04-0.05 mg, vitamin B2 0.02-0.06 mg, niacin 0.3-0.4 mg, vitamin C 7-12 mg.
  It is grown from direct seeding, a strong stake to support the stem is needed.


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