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Nymphaea lotus L. (Nymphaeaceae)
Vernacular name: bua kin saai
Common name: water lily (English), nettai suiren (Japanese)

  Annual aquatic herb, cultivated in ditches and ponds all over Thailand. Rhizome creeping in the mud. Leaves ovate - circular, deeply cordate, coarsely dentate, 15 - 20 cm in diameter, floating; petiole cylindrical, glabrous, long. Flowers solitary, with 4 outer green segments, 12 - 14 petals and numerous stamens, large, white, dark pink or violet. Fruit globose-compressed, fleshy, ripening under the water. Seeds globose, numerous.
  Water lily is a common aquatic plant in full sun.
  The stalks of the flowers are edible. They are eaten raw with chili sauce or added to kaeng som (sweet and sour curry), cooked with mackerel in curry or fried with pork, prawns or shrimp.
  It is propagated by rhizome division.


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