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Pisum sativum L. (Leguminosae)
Vernacular name: thua lan tao
Common name: garden pea (English), sugar pea (English), endo (Japanese)

  Herb, spreading or climbing by well-developed tendrils; roots white. Leaves paripinnate; leaflets 1-3 pairs, stipules large. Flowers showy, purple, pink, or white, solitary or few and racemose on elongated, axillary peduncles. Calyx obliquely campanulate. Corolla 5, wings falcate - oblong, adnate to the keel, keel obtuse, incurved, shorter than the wings. Stamens diadelphous, vexillary stamen free or connate at the middle with others; filaments dilated above; anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile, many-ovuled; style bent abruptly upward, dilated at apex, bearded above; stigma subterminal. Pod compressed to cylindric, inflated, oblong - linear, obliquely acute, 2 - valved. Seed subglobose.
  It is commonly grown as vegetable during cool season.
  Young shoots are blanched and eaten with chili sauce or add to various curry dishes. Young fruits are fried with cooking oil and oyster sauce.
  It is propagated from seeds.


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