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Spirogyra sp. (Zygnemataceae)
Vernacular name: thao, phak kai
Common name: spirogyra (English), pond scum (English)

  Green alga, found in freshwater ditches and pools. Shape capillaceous, with very long, unbranched hairs.
  It grows in freshwater ditches and pools. The spirogyra is generally eaten raw as a vegetable with nam phrik or used as a substitute for meat in larp; in the north and northeast it is made into a kind of hot sauce. It can also be added to kaeng som or omelettes. Vitamin A and calcium can be found in pond scum and it can help to reduce cholesterol, iodine supplement and laxative. The available season is year round. It was multiplied by separating whole colony.

Whole plant
Whole plant

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