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Trevesia palmata (Roxb. Ex Lindl.)Vis. (Araliaceae)
Vernacular nam: taang luang
Common name: -

  A small tree, up to 5 m. tall, the shoots with brownish or rusty colored hair and numerous prickles. Leaves simple, palmately lobed, 30-60 cm wide, adult leaves glabrous or with scattered stellate hairs on both surfaces, deeply palmate , often digitate in young plants ; petiole often prickly. Inflorescence a panicles of cymes, up to 45 cm long, young with red-brown to rusty tomentum; bracts c. 2.5 cm long, oblong , usually deciduous ; pedicels 2.5-3 cm. Flower buds exceeding 6 mm diam. Fruit a dry indehiscent capsule, c. 15 by 12 mm., ovoid, glabrate , ribs not prominent , crowned by the stout style.
  Common small tree in evergreen or mixed deciduous forest, up to 1,500 m altitude.
  Young flower buds, available by the end of rainy season, are eaten after cooked with hot and spicy curry. The taste is somewhat bitter.
  No cultivation of this plant has been recorded. Propagation is possible by mean of hardwood cutting.


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