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Wolffia globosa (Roxburgh) Den Hartog and Van der Plas (Araceae)
Vernacular name: pham, khai nae, khai nam
Common name: tropical watermeal (English), mijinko ukikusa (Japanease)

  Plant body ovoid, ellipsoid, or ovoid-cylindrical, upper surface barely rounded (flattened along top), 0.4-0.8 mm long, 1.3-2 times as long as wide, 1-1.5 times as deep as wide, the greatest width slightly below the surface of the water, with 1-10 (-30) stomata, rather pale and some what transparently green on the surface. Brown epidermal pigment cells absent. Flowers rare.
  “Pham” is the smallest of all known flowering plant, floating at surface of quiet streams and ponds in full sun, often mixed with other small aquatic plants such as Lemna spp.
  They are normally collected from natural water way for home consumption an occasionally seen in the local markets throughout Thailand and P.D.R. Lao. In Thailand they are cooked in the curries with minced pork or chicken.

Whole plant
Whole plant

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